DVD Region Playback Control


All Diamond Data DVD-ROM drives are RPC-II compliant, incorporating Regional Playback Control (also called Region Locking). RPC-II compliance is a mandatory requirement for all DVD-ROM drives and DVD players sold or manufactured from 1st January, 2000.

As a part of DVD technology licensing arrangements, the world has been divided into 6 geographic regions. Each region has been assigned a region number or code. Australia and New Zealand are a part of Region 4. The intention is that customers within a region can only play DVD discs manufactured for that specific region.

A region code is embedded in the DVD-ROM drive. At the time of manufacture, the region code of the drive is left unset. When the first DVD disc is inserted into the drive, the region code of the drive is set to the same code as the DVD disc. The drive's region may be changed a further 4 times before it is permanently locked to a region. These changes are made by inserting a disc that has a different region code to the drive's current code.

Example: If a DVD-ROM drive is installed and used for the first time by inserting a Region 4 disc, the drive is set for region 4. If a Region 1 (North American) disc is inserted, the drive's region becomes 1. If an Australian (region 4) disc, and then a US disc (region 1) are inserted a further 2 changes have been made (4 changes so far). If a European disc (region 2) is then inserted, the drive's region will be PERMANENTLY changed. It will not be able to play discs other than those specifically manufactured for region 2.

Note that there is now way of resetting the drive's region. Patches or other unauthorised firmware modifications must not be applied to your drive. Only firmware changes available from this web site should be used.

The use of patches or firmware not released by Mitsubishi Electric Australia with any Diamond Data DVD-ROM drive will void warranty.

Region Code Area


North America, Canada


Europe, Middle East, Japan, South Africa


South Eastern Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea


Australia, New Zealand, Latin America


Africa, Russia, India, Pakistan



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